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Message from Fr Philip

Dear Friends,
You will be aware of the changed status for London given the increase in COVID infections, and talk of ‘Lock down’. However, unlike the situation in spring and summer, churches remain open both for public worship and private prayer. If this situation changes, it will not be the first U-turn this government has made, but it is correct at time of writing (13.00 hrs GMT, 05/01/2021).
Therefore, unless otherwise impeded, I intend offering the usual Mass times, Sunday (sung) at 11.00, Tuesday and Thursday 11.00, Wednesday and Friday 12.30, all of which you may attend.
But because you ‘may’ does not meant you ‘must’. Some of the more senior members of our congregation will have had their first vaccine jab (or are due to do so soon), but please remember that at the best, the single shot gives you only two-thirds protection against the current strain of COVID, let alone any new strains heading this way.
Also, COVID is not the only virus doing the rounds at a time of year when there are germs aplenty.
Added to this, we are expecting some severe cold weather coming to London. So please think before you set out to mass. You are of no use to God’s church militant here on earth if you are found dead in a snowdrift! Even if you make it to hospital, the chances are I won’t be allowed to visit you there.
So, without painting a picture which is too ‘noir’, may I add another strap-line to all the others,  regarding Mass attendance: “Because you can, doesn’t mean you must.”
I hope I don’t have to say that if you feel any symptoms which might be COVID related, then definitely do not come.
I’ve given you the usual Mass times, and please know that I shall (God willing) be offering mass at those times for you all. You have my email contact, so always feel free to use it.

With prayers for your all,
Fr Philip