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Our Sister Parish

The Church of the Resurrection, New York City

The Church of the Resurrection is a parish of the Diocese of New York in the Episcopal Church. The church is Anglo-Catholic in doctrine and style, and has an extensive and beautiful music programme. Their services are in traditional language and reflect the beauty of the Anglican and Western Catholic traditions of liturgy and music. Their church is inclusive and open to all, and they would be delighted to have you visit on Sundays or during the week.

The Church was founded in 1868 by a group of Episcopalians who lived in that far-flung area of the city with its farms and open spaces. The building of the Seventh Regiment Armoury just below obviously gave some impetus, as its chaplain, The Rev'd James O. Tuttle-Smith, became the first Rector of the Church. The building was completed in 1869, and was the design of James Renwick Jnr, who had earlier won the competition for designing Grace Church at 10th & Broadway, and went on to design the Smithsonian Institution building in Washington, Calvary Church at Fourth Avenue and 20th Street, and the Roman Catholic Cathedral here in New York.

Due to disputes and lack of funds, his designs were not completely executed. The great hanging rood of 1940, a thank-offering for the ministry of Father Wadhams (Rector 1936-49) was carved by the Dutch sculptor Joep Nicholas. The small country church atmosphere of our building has long been an attraction, and since 1920, the Anglo-Catholic doctrine and style of worship have been a draw to many from throughout the city and beyond. The ministry of Father Chambers (1949-1962) was of particular distinction which resulted partly in his becoming Bishop of Springfield, Illinois.

The parish family is a small enough one that it is quite possible for a newcomer to know everyone in short order, and they are well known for the friendly welcome given visitors. The congregation has been growing since 1993, and they are always happy to welcome new members. The Choir is a professional ensemble and performs a wide repertoire of church music from the last two thousand years, with an emphasis on 18th century church music, often unjustly neglected in church repertoire today.

Resurrection Episcopal Day School is one of a handful of Episcopal Church day schools founded in New York since the War, and has become well known throughout the city as one of the premier Montessori pre-schools. Its large staff and purpose built classrooms in the adjoining Albert Chambers Parish Building at 119 East 74th Street welcome 80 students daily. Parishioners' children have an automatic right of entrée.

The congregation includes people of all ages, races, national origins, sexual orientations, economic backgrounds, and social classes. Should you desire to have further information about any facet of their common life together or to have the Parish Priest contact you, send an email to the church office. They would be most pleased to make your acquaintance, and to have you return any Sunday for High Mass or to masses offered daily (except Mondays) during the week.

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